Refund and Returns Policy


What is your return policy?

Within 7 days of the order’s delivery, we provide returns and replacements for products purchased on However, there are some things that are specifically marked as “Non-Returnable” on the website in the product description, such as Live Plants, Seeds, Jewellery Items, etc.
To determine if an item is returnable or not, please review the return policy detailed under the “delivery and return” part of the product detail page.
We ask that you keep the goods in their original packing, tags, and condition without using them. You are allowed to try on a product, but we request that you use it with care to maintain its quality

What is the refund policy for the returned item?
Following our Quality Control Team’s approval of the returned merchandise, we process your refunds within 10 business days. However, the return is dependent on how long the bank needs to complete the transaction and process it after initiates NEFT or another payment mode. We ask that you send us a screenshot of your bank statement in the event that there is a problem with your refund.
We are aware that occasionally the Product may require more than 7 days to arrive at our facilities for warehousing and quality control, delaying the Q.C.
While we reserve the right to take the necessary procedures to recover the amount already charged to your account, we may process refund amounts sporadically during this time if the Product does not pass the quality check.
If discovers evidence of fraud, misuse of refunds, or other deceptive practices that give a basis for a claim against you, may reject a refund request.

How does Refund work on based on the different modes of payment?
After the products pass the Quality Check process and you paid for the order with a bank account, credit card, or debit card, will credit the returned amount to your bank or credit card account within 7 business days after the purchase date. If you choose the Cash on Delivery payment method for your order, the necessary sums will be returned into your bank account using G PAY or another payment method at your request within 5 to 10 business days of the date the product cleared customs at our warehouse. You will have the choice of receiving a refund of your payments through your bank account.

How do I return/exchange my order?
We offer easy self-service return process. To return/exchange your order, please
follow these steps.

1.Login to your account
2.Go to My Orders
3.Click on Return
4.Select the Items that you want to return
5.You will get a refund once your order is picked up & checked for quality subject to
applicable exceptions.

When will my return get picked up?
As soon as we receive your return request, we immediately forward it to our logistical partners. Within five days of receiving the request, our logistic partner will pick up the products. Three tries at product pickup are required from our logistical partners. The return request will be deemed successful on our end if the item is not picked up after three attempts. If you are still qualified in that instance, you can submit a new Return request. Contact our Customer Care for more information. As stated above, please keep the cargo prepared and make sure to return all the things for which the request was made. The return option might not be available to you if you don’t do this.

I have received Pickup service is not available message when I try
to return/exchange my order. What do I need to do now?

Our transport partners presently do not support pick-up of returned items in some pin-codes. You’ll be able to view the message. If none of our transport partners allow pick-up of the returned items using a pin number, pickup service is not offered. If you happen to read this message, please use a local courier service to deliver the things to our warehouse. Please make sure the products are undamaged, include the original packaging and tags, and include the “Return Slip” section of the invoice with the delivered goods. We might not be able to perform the refund if the Return Slip is not in the courier. Please upload the shipment information after sending the package using our website’s My Returns feature.
If you haven’t yet submitted the shipment information, you’ll see the notice “Self-ship details pending for returns.” Please be aware that in order to receive a reimbursement for the returned goods, the self-ship data must be submitted. We will reimburse you for both the cost of the returned item and the cost of shipping it to our warehouse once we get it in our warehouse.

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